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Returns Policy

If you wish to change or cancel your order after it has shipped, you may be responsible for paying the outgoing and return shipping on portions of, or the entire order.

Customers requiring overnight or 2-day guaranteed delivery should call Customer Service (501) 679-7800 for a quote. Due to the size and weight of our steel products, air freight is considerably more expensive than ground service.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Boltz purchase within two weeks of receipt, contact us at (501) 679-7800 or [email protected] . Your product may qualify to be returned for a full refund. Return shipping charges may apply.

When your order arrives, please maintain the original packing materials and shipping boxes until you have inspected all items. Original packaging is required for all product returns. To schedule a return contact customer service at (501) 679-7800 to get return authorization from Boltz. We will schedule the return pick up of your order. All returns must be pre-authorized by Boltz. Unauthorized returns will not be credited.

International Returns Policy

Unfortunately, we can not offer any returns or refunds on international orders. All sales are final. If your product arrives damaged from freight, we will do everything in our power to correct the issue and make sure you have a replacement. We recommend you look through our Testimonials Section to see that we have had wonderful success shipping overseas.