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A Patriotic Remembrance.

Boltz Steel Furniture would like to extend our extreme appreciation for all of those who have served to keep our country safe. The entire Boltz Team would like to express thanks and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts for your service. From the brave men and women and the U.S. Military, fighting to ensure our American freedoms and helping keep the world safe; to all of those in local, state, country, and federal government positions working to keep us safe and protect our country.

I am extremely fortunate to never have lost a loved one in combat. Although I never personally served, I have many family members who have been in the US military, including both of my sisters and brothers-in-law. I know first-hand the sacrifices they made to serve our country. Going back to WW1 & WW2, so many great aunts & uncles, along with other family members were also involved. I encourage you to share your stories or take this time to reflect on those people in your life who have also made sacrifices, and in many cases the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

In honor of Memorial Day 2017 we have created this page – A Patriotic Remembrance. We envision it as a place to share the memories, the joy, and sometimes the loss of those lives touched by the brave and honorable men and women who serve our county, be it past, present, or future. I invite you to share with us your stories. The laughter, the tears, the good times and bad. Please share, so that we may honor the memories of those we have lost. For though they may be gone, our memory of their brave sacrifice inspires us to make brave our own hearts in honor of them.

This page is a personal mission for me, as I have been especially inspired seeing the videos of military personnel coming home. Watching those videos always leave me in tears. Your post can give a shout out and acknowledge someone personally, or be a general post if you would like names to be withheld. Please share with us. I would really love for this page to become a beacon for members of the Boltz Family to reach out and get to know one another.

Best regards and thanks,
Susan Farrell, Principal/Owner

Our Remembrance Stories

Where would we be without these Heroes that gave their lives? Thanks from the heart that we may reap the rewards of this great freedom!!!

- Paul D.

We Honer the War Dead. My Dad,StepDad, both WW 2 Vets.

- Joe R.

I honor my oldest brother, every day. Pfc Edward f Brown jr, C.co 1st battalion 7th marines 1st marine, Kia 12 Feb 1970, in a company size reaction force, going to the aid of his fellow marines.( P-14W/L-130 ). NEVER FORGOTTEN...

- Bill B.