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BOLTZ Guarantee

We are very proud of our American manufacturing, superior craftsmanship, and selection of custom powdercoat finishes. So much so, that every Boltz product comes with a lifetime guarantee. If a product arrives damaged or defective, please let us know within two weeks for a full refund, less return shipping if applicable, or exchange. See our returns policy for more details. After the two week timeframe we offer the following lifetime guarantee:

The workmanship and materials on every Boltz product is 100% guaranteed for the life of the product as long as you are the original owner. If any of our furniture ever fails structurally under normal wear, we will replace it free and pay the freight. Exceptions: It is the customer's responsibility to use our products as they were intended - see product details or contact us for limitations or restrictions on each product. Abuse of products, exceeding weight limits, or misuse of items, either knowingly or un-knowingly will make this guarantee null and void.

Finishes: Our baked on powder coat finishes are much like a car finish. Under normal wear they should last forever, however scratches or discoloration could occur if they are handled roughly or harsh chemicals are used on them. For instance, sliding a TV across the top of a TV stand, instead of picking it up to move it, could scratch the finish. This would NOT be covered under our guarantee.

For cleaning of all finishes we recommend using only a light dusting cloth, or warm water and mild soap.

Clear Coat/Brushed Steel Finish: This finish is a very natural and organic finish and may change slightly over time. Some rust and slight discolorations are considered normal and will NOT be reasons for return or replacement of any items with this finish.

If you have any questions about our guarantee, return policies, or finishes feel free to contact customer service at (501) 679-7800 or by email.